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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

The All Star Game, Roberto Clemente, and My Husband Grady

Ok, first off, I have to admit something. I didn't watch the whole All-Star Game. Sorry. I got tired so I went to bed at 10:00.
I saw the first four innings. Our Red Sox were fairly unimpressive, save for a slick double play started by Mark Loretta. Both Sox were 0 for 2. From some other All-Stars, I saw two nice homers, especially the one by Vladmir Guerrero on a pitch which was way out of the strike zone. I saw the memorial speech for Roberto Clemente. That was really touching. My eyes started to well up. Clemente is such an inspiration. His premature death was tragic and incredibly unfair. He died trying to help others, because he had such an amazing heart. As much as I dislike Ozzie Guillen, I was really touched when I saw him wiping away tears during the speech.
I missed seeing Grady Sizemore, though. That was a disappointment. Any reader of my blog should know that I love Grady Sizemore. I love the way he plays the game. I love the way he shies away from the spotlight and tries to focus only on baseball. I love the way he dives for every ball. I love how consistent of a hitter he is. I love how fast he is. And I love his smile. It's just gorgeous. It makes me so happy. He is probably the cutest person I have ever seen. So that's why I was sad to have missed him yesterday, even though he was 0 for 2. And I refer to him as my husband a lot. Even though I've never met him. Just be forewarned.
And finally, I'm really happy for Michael Young. Although I didn't see it, the AL's 2-out rally in the 9th sounds like it was really impressive. That two-run triple kept alive the AL's All-Star winning streak. I feel bad for the NL, but not enough to be unhappy that my league won. In addition, though I know that home field is a big advantage because of the crowd energy and knowing the field well, I think the American League teams lose more on National League territory than the NL loses on AL territory. The AL loses the DH, who usually is a powerful hitter with mediocre fielding ability. Taking the DH's place is a pitcher who never works on hitting and is pretty much a guaranteed out. When the National League visits AL turf, they are allowed to have an extra hitter and not have their pitcher bat, because for some reason NL pitchers are mostly just as terrible as AL pitchers when it comes to hitting.
Anyways, you all can see that I don't have too much to say because I didn't see the whole game. Tonight we have a night off before regular season play resumes tomorrow.
And a shoutout to my friend Kaylee who just got a new blog. Click here to check it out.


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