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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Me Being In A Really Good Mood

We are looking like a Major League team again. Our pitching has been lights-out, bullpen and starting; our defense has been dazzling; and our offense has given us enough runs to win in a dramatic fashion. We have our starting lineup back. And so far, it's showing.
Congradulations to Kason Gabbard on his first major league win. And a well deserved one! He was phenominal today.
Welcome back to Papi. Even though he had a quiet offensive night, we didn't need his homers today. I'd rather he save them for a night when our pitching isn't as good.
Nixon has reminded us of his importance by doubling and scoring the winning run.
Coco Crisp knocked him in. I really think we should give him another chance next year. This year was a total fluke with the injury and all. What do you guys think?
Mike Timlin got a 2-shutout-inning save, and he looked like the old Mike again.
So pretty much I love this team again. I mean, I always have and always will love the Boston Red Sox, but I'm loving the players again. Love love love them. Because now I can go to bed happy.


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