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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Some More Reasons to Love Grady Sizemore...

... as if there weren't enough already. Click here and here for two recent articles on Grady. He's so unlike most baseball players. He is incredibly humble. I love that he feels like he doesn't belong at the All-Star Game. Not that I agree at all. I mean, you can't find a much better all-around player, or anyone who really deserves an All-Star spot more. And yet Grady was walking around in awe, just soaking it in, with the hugest smile on his face. How much would I pay to have been there?

And the pictures are from a site called Right now it's a memorial for one of the members who was tragically killed at a very young age. I have plenty more pictures but I don't want to give them all away at once. I know at least one of my readers (ahem, kaylee) will enjoy them.


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