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Saturday, September 09, 2006

Senseless Wandering

Never give up. Never never never. That's what we're told.
My dad remarked when we were at Fenway how strange it was not to see us in the pennant race.
We just lost to Kansas freaking City, despite scoring 9 runs, including a Tek 2-run shot and Papi's being a homer shy of the cycle.
I don't give up on anything this important to me. Ever. But this is as close to it as I've been all season.
I know anything could happen. But every day when I hear that, there's less and less of a time frame for that anything to take place. Something about being a true Sox fan commands faith. I'm getting sick of seeing "keep the faith" posts though. If we don't make it to the postseason, this season will have been a heartbreaking one. Because this team could have been so good.
I don't really even know what I think anymore. My life is so confusing right now. I'm lost and my mind seems to be spinning out of control. My thoughts are unattached and senseless and the one person who can usually bring me back to earth is the one causing this.
So bear with me. I'll be normal again in a few days. Hopefully the Sox will too. The news has been getting better. Schill and Wake should be coming back soon. That will be huge.
I do believe in miracles. I do believe in the magic of late summer baseball. I do believe that, no matter what the odds, this team is capable of taking an entire Nation by surprise and giving them the hugest feeling of happiness it could possible imagine.
I do. Because it does that every day. Every base hit, every strikeout, every slick double play is why I watch the game. That is the joy of baseball.


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