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Thursday, July 13, 2006

Something I Realized

I realized something a few months ago. Something so many fans have yet to realize. We fight and fight that our team is the best. We back up our opinions with statistical analyses. We trash talk other teams and give reasons why ours is better. We spend hours doing research to form new opinions. And yet, we fail to realize something. We have no control over how our team does. A scary thought. The hours we spend explaining why our team will win, they have absolutely no effect on how our team fares. The numbers speak for themselves. You can give me a million reasons why the Yankees are better than the Red Sox. Show me stats and figures that show how the Yankees WOULD be doing sans injuries. And when you're all done, the Red Sox will still be the better team. From a numbers standpoint. The Red Sox have won three more and lost three less than the Yankees. And when it comes to postseason, the record keepers aren't going to allow the Yankees to play because they feel bad about their losses. It doesn't matter where the Yanks would be without injuries. They have them. And this isn't all a Red Sox Domination post. The White Sox and the Tigers are better than us. It doesn't matter that they're in a weaker division. It doesn't matter that they're winning against easier teams. They have a better record than we do. That's all that we know.
In other news, Jason Johnson did well in his Single-A start. Or at least, that's what reports. He let up four runs and 10 hits, getting the win. Um, sorry, but I don't know that I would say he "shone", as the article put it. I mean, he was facing Single-A hitters. If he manages to give up four runs to Single A hitters, that doesn't really bode well for his major league success, does it? Apparently his sinkerball was working for him. Congradulations. You still gave up four runs. That's not going to cut it for a team like the Red Sox, I'm sorry. We can't always assure you that you will face a pitcher who will give up five-plus runs. This is the bigs. I have a feeling Johnson will be spending a lot of time in the minors. The article is here.


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