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Sunday, September 03, 2006

Don't Give Up Yet

The season is not over. In fact, it's just about to get better. Today we are expected to get Gonzalez back at shortstop, Tek and Trot back on the bench, and possibly Papi back in the DH spot. Lester's cancer is treatable, albeit not cureable, and Paps thinks he could be back in a week. Things are looking up.
And I have renewed faith that this team wants to win. That they are not at all satisfied with the way they have been playing. To quote a loveable, fashionable Dominican with the famous gap-toothed smile,
"I've been stressing out [about] the way things are going with us trying to make it to the playoffs and things not going well on the field. I'm pretty sure everybody on this ballclub is having nightmares about it, because our team is built up around winners -- around guys that get prepared to compete every day. And [if] you don't get back what you expect personally, you're going to stress out.
"So, I guarantee you that I am not the only player stressing out at this. There are other things in the game that you can control and everybody is aware of it, but I'm pretty sure the only way out is to keep on trying."(
They haven't given up. They never will. What more can we give them than the same undying faith? Even if we don't make the playoffs or the World Series, this was a great season. Schilling got his 200th win and his 3000th strikeout. Papi gave us that overwhelming euphoria with a clutch hit every single time he was asked for one, and he is on his way to making a club record with 51 homers. David Wells battled back from injury against all odds and actually pitched well. Jonathan Papelbon has made a great case for AL Rookie of the Year, and if he can come back healthy soon enough, he could make a club record for saves and a league record for saves for a rookie. Plus, he's a legitimate Cy Young candidate.
And so much more happened this season, but it's not over yet. There's a whole month. Is it likely that we make the playoffs? No. But this team can create miracles. We've already seen that.


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