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Monday, August 28, 2006

The Walking Wounded

That's what we are. The Walking Wounded. I don't see how it's possible to be this beat up. And it's a fact. The injuries ARE killing us. Yesterday we had absolutely nothing. We had the same number of errors (2) as we did hits, for crying out loud. As NESN showed us during the game, only three of our guys are in the same spot in the batting order as they were opening day. Our pitching was bad -- um, Snyder gave up a freaking grand slam! Our hitting was bad -- two hits the entire game! Our defense was bad -- two errors, and two missed catches by Youk in left field that could have been errors as well; plus, no one was playing their correct position. Our baserunning was bad -- Hinske being tagged out between second and third, ending what could have been a big inning.
We are left with nothing. And it's not fair. This team was never given a chance. We were never healthy. We never showed what we really could do. I can't think of one time during the season when our entire team was on the active roster. Not one time the entire season. Not even Opening Day -- David Wells wasn't ready yet.
So it's really nobody's fault we're doing so bad. Nobody's really underperforming. It's just that we have a AAA team, a bench team, instead of a Major League team. And it sucks.


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