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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Another Name for the DL

Now Alex Gonzalez has joined the neverending list of players on the DL. I don't understand. How is it possible for this many players to be hurt in a single season, on a single team? How? I mean, what are the chances of this? So far this season, all of the following important players have made the trip to the DL (in order): David Wells, Coco Crisp, David Riske, Lenny DiNardo, Mike Timlin, Keith Foulke, Matt Clement, Wily Mo Pena, Trot Nixon, Jason Varitek, and now Alex Gonzalez. This is absolutely absurd. Rediculous. I can't even imagine where we would be right now sans injuries. Wells could have had a solid season. Coco too. Clearly his injury had some effect on his bat. Lenny could have given our bullpen some much-needed help. Same for Foulkie. Wily Mo could have been a powerful bat off the bench all season. Trot and Tek are clearly missed. And Gonzo's defense is the best of our entire spectacular infield.
I'm excited to see Dustin Pedroia. Another member of the future Boston Red Sox. But I'd rather see the Red Sox of the present. And not screw up another kid because our team somehow continues to be wiped out by various injuries.


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