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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Low Fives

I didn't even really care that we lost yesterday. We were already so deep in a hole, it didn't even seem to matter that we dug it a little deeper. I never would have expected that we would be swept, four days ago when I was so full of hope. This is clearly the lowest point thus far this season, and somehow I'm emotionless.
We can get it back. We can always get it back.
That's how a Red Sox fan thinks.
My parents are ready for football season. Me, not quite. I always have faith. Maybe it's optimism, maybe it's just pure naivete. A devastating five-game sweep by our archrivals, and I still think we could win it all.
There were promising signs yesterday. We can just focus on those.
David Wells looked fantastic yesterday. He has for his past few starts, and when I see his name on the schedule, rather than feeling sick to my stomach, I feel a small sense of relief.
Keith Foulke, after allowing a runner to score on a wild pitch, also showed promise yesterday, pitching an inning and 2/3 of no-hit baseball.
Wily Mo Pena provided some good offense yesterday (though he was the only one), going 2 for 3 with a homer that gave us our only run. Remind me how many homers Trot has? Four? Though Trot is a much better fielder and a bit more consistent, hitting-wise, he hasn't been missed too much with Wily Mo doing a great job.
In the course of a weekend we got rid of our worst pitchers and called up some of our better (hopefully?) ones. Rudy Seanez and Jason Johnson were FINALLY designated for assignment, and Craig Hansen was sent down to AAA. Craig is going to be great. But he isn't now. I'd much rather that he was down in AAA working on his pitching than up here losing games for us. Keith Foulke came off the DL and so far has yet to give up an earned run. Javier Lopez was called up and we now have a lefty in the pen.
Things are looking a little better for this trip. All the teams we are playing are tough, but we can handle them.
We can do this.


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