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Sunday, August 20, 2006


I haven't posted since before my game Friday. Couldn't bring myself to. I had fun Friday, but it seems that this is the beginning of the end for the 2006 Red Sox. Our offense was spectacular. We rallied back so many times, had so many timely hits. On most days, 11 runs will win you a ball game. But with this pitching staff, it was not the case. Our pitching has become abysmal. Utterly atrocious. Yesterday I didn't even watch the game. Some friends and I went to the beach and shopping, and then we watched the Patriots preseason game and I slept over. The Patriots game was much better than the Sox one, as it turned out. The Pats won, 30-3, and played an all-around great game. Matt Cassel, who I love (okay, I love both quarterbacks), showed huge improvement, and he got his first two touchdown passes of the year.
At least one of our teams knows how to win.

Go Sox.


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