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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

On the Wrong End of a Duel

Heading into the sixth inning, it seemed that we might be in line for another 1-0 victory. Schilling had been shutting out the Tigers, his opponent having given up only one run on a solo shot to Coco Crisp, one of my personal favorite Red Sox. Then in the seventh, Schill gave up 2 runs to give the Tigers the lead, and you can't do that to the best team in baseball. Though on most nights Schill's pitching line of 7 innings with 2 earned runs would equal a win, the best pitching staff in the major leagues would let our hitters tie the game, but never regain the lead. When Wily Mo Pena suffered a mental lapse while catching a fly ball, the winning run scored for the Tigers and our night was over.
We can't be giving away any games. We could have won last night. The team that led the AL East for nearly the entire first half doesn't seem so great anymore. I will always have faith that my team can win in the postseason. But right now, it doesn't seem too likely.


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