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Friday, August 11, 2006

This Isn't Cool, Guys

This five-game skid is absolutely unacceptable. I have no idea what is happening with our team. I thought maybe Mirabelli's return would help end it. I thought maybe Schilling would help end it. And they did... until the 8th inning when Schilling suddenly couldn't hold his own against the lowly Kansas City Royals. I feel like slapping the guys in the face and reminding them that we needed to sweep the Royals. We needed to. The Royals and Devil Rays were the break we were given in our schedule.
What happened to the adoration I felt for this team during the first half? During our 12-game winning streak and our 17-game errorless streak? I tried to think of the last 5 days as I do when my softball team loses. It's just one game. It's not that important. We're only human. We can't win them all. But the Sox are not the same as my softball team at all. We're a bunch of fifteen- and fourteen-year-old girls, and it's not even our regular season right now. The Red Sox are professional athletes being paid millions to perform for one of the most passionate fan bases in sports. And you know what? It IS okay to demand that they win most of their games. That's their job, and they should know that if they don't win, they probably won't be back here next year.
My patience has evaporated. And I feel no comfort in the fact that the Red Sox' fate lies in the bloated hands of David Wells tonight. Especially when neither Schilling or Beckett could come through. But at 7:05, all this pessimism will be gone and again I will have faith that we can come back, that a resurgence is in the cards.


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