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Saturday, July 22, 2006


The Sox notched their fifth straight victory last night, to go along with the five homers their offense produced last night in Seattle. Manny, Ortiz, Tek, Gonzo and Youk all tee-d off on Mariners pitching last night, backed up by a solid Kyle Snyder, who in his typically problemsome 5th inning gave up only two unearned runs. Youkilis also made some very impressive diving plays at third base, though he did make an error in the 5th. It seems both Varitek and Youkilis have been breaking out of their slumps (though Youk's was a minor one), and Gonzo continues to hit well, extending a hitting streak to 7 games.
I am leaving at about 10 30 AM today for two weeks up at my lake house. I am so excited, and these two weeks are usually the best two of my summer. Sneaking out, sleeping in, lying in the sun too long... Plus I get to see some of my best friends from California who I only see this one time a year.
The only bad thing is that I don't get my Sox games. The first week my parents won't even be there, and there is no cable up there. The second week my family will be there and we can listen to Sox games on the radio, but I have no Internet access so I can't post. I would love for you guys to leave me a bunch of comments for when I come back. A recap of the game, or Sox news, or injuries, or anything is fine. I know Kaylee is going to see the Cleveland series, and I am insanely jealous of her. Kaylee, I hope you have a ton of fun. But if you or anyone else is around, please leave me something!


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