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Friday, July 14, 2006

The Wily Mo Pickle

Kaylee asked me a few days ago what I thought the front office should do when Wily Mo Pena came back from the DL. We both aggreed that Willie Harris should be sent down. With Kapler back and thriving, Willie has no real purpose on the team. Not only can Kapler pinch run, he is an excellent fielder and his hitting has been great. Kapler can be used as a late-innings replacement, even in close games, while Harris' hitting is pretty much nonexistent and his fielding is average. He can be stuck out in the outfield for an inning, but when it comes time to bat he will need a pinch hitter, so he can only be used for half an inning. With Wily Mo coming back, that brings another outfielder, one whose fielding we have seen improve before our eyes, one whose raw power is unbelievable, and one who will thrive off all the help he gets from Manny Ramirez and David Ortiz. Maybe down in Triple-A, Harris could work on his hitting. That way, in case of injury, he could be called back up and be a bigger piece of the team, being available to pinch-hit, pinch-run or field in later innings.


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