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Thursday, July 13, 2006


I just wanted to point out that, I was right about how important our defense is to pitchers. Here are two quotes from an article on

"This is the best defense I've ever seen and definitely the best defense I've ever been able to pitch in front of," Schilling said. "It's such an immense lift for a pitcher."

"What's nice is I think our pitchers have confidence in the defense," Loretta said. "You can tell the way they pitch. They're not afraid of guys putting the ball in play. That's what's gratifying to a defensive unit, is that the pitchers feel good about it."

As I mentioned in my post about Gonzalez, the pitchers are pitching better and more confidenly with this spectacular infield. Just wanted to mention that I picked up on that because it made me happy to realize I was right.


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