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Friday, July 21, 2006

Fantastic Four

Yesterday's win notched our fourth straight win, including two sweeps (well, yesterday's was a one-game sweep, but I'll take it.) Another winning streak, anyone? Seattle's a good team. We're better. Here's to hoping that Snyder does well tonight. It will be my last game before going away and I'd love to leave on a good note.
Yesterday Schill did not have his best stuff. That makes the win more impressive. On a day when your pitcher doesn't have his best stuff and your team can still manage to grind out a win, that says a lot about the team you have. Wily Mo showed no problems in his return to the bigs, and imagine that we now have a bench with Mirabelli, Cora, Kapler and Pena. That is by far one of the best benches I could ask for. Coco is still battling his slump, with an 0-fer showing from the leadoff spot. I really wish he would get on base so he could steal! He's one of those players that you just would love to see do well.
Tonight I have a softball doubleheader under the lights. Hopefully we'll be done in time for the 10:00 game. My fingers are crossed for Snyder.


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