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Thursday, August 17, 2006

All Was Wells

When David Ortiz's 42nd homer gave us a 2-run lead and David Wells gave the lead right back, it seemed that we were in for another devastating loss in which our shaky pitching staff blew a lead. Then Coco Crisp came up big with his second hit of the night, a 2-run double off the Monster, and following that, the young arms of Hansen and Papelbon managed to close this one out and avoid the sweep. Paired with a Yankees loss, we moved up a game in the standings just in time for a five-game weekend series against the Evil Empire.
David Wells pitched well last night (pardon the way-overused pun). He didn't pitch a gem, with 6.2 innings and 4 earned runs, but he pitched effectively enough to get his second straight win. If Wells remains this reliable, and pitching against the league-leading Tigers should have been a good test, it will be a huge addition to our injury-laden starting pitching staff. Imagine, following the return of a healthy Tim Wakefield, a starting pitching rotation of Beckett, Schilling, Wakefield, Lester and Wells. All five are very capable of winning. No more question marks. That would be amazing.
And finally, I think (hope?) that Coco Crisp is finally, finally heating up. A hot Coco (another humorless pun... excuse my good mood) would boost our offense tremendously. He has been doing well as a leadoff hitter, squaring to bunt several times last night (though only succeeding once, in a sacrifice bunt), going 2 for 3, and even working a walk. In addition, he made a fantastic catch out in center field. For me, Coco is just one of those guys you just really want to see do well. I think his injury threw him way off, thus his subpar hitting. I really would like to see him make an impression at the end of the season, so our front office will sign him for another season or two instead of trade him like they tried to earlier this season. I think he could blossom in Boston. The fans (er, I) love him, he's spectacular defensively, and we know that he can be a solid leadoff guy. Plus, he's fast... and way cheaper/younger than Damon.
Today's an offday, the calm before the storm. Tomorrow begins a huge series against the Yankees... including a night game which I will be watching from VIP seats! Thank God they switched the schedule so I get to see Lester and not Johnson.


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