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Thursday, August 24, 2006

How Sweet It Is

It feels so good to win. I'd almost forgotten. A sense of relief, of satisfaction. Finally. We found a Band-Aid. We stopped the bleeding.
Lester's pitching was okay. Not terrible, not good. An improvement from his last start, but he's still using up way too many pitches, and as Don and Remy mentioned last night, he seems to have lost the ability to get out of every jam unscathed. But after we gave him a lead, he kept it, so he pitched effectively enough to win.
Big Papi and Little Papi both blasted two-run shots, getting the game off to a good start, and Coco Crisp hit an RBI single. That proved to be all the runs we got, and that proved to be enough. Though all our competition won too, I was happy, and I got to go to bed satisfied for the first time since last Wednesday.


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