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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Six Straight

Somehow it didn't bother me much that we lost last night. I was content at the fact that we played a pretty good game. Snyder was decent. Our offense was decent, save for all the runners left in scoring position, but we've had that problem all season. I'm used to it by now. Pedroia had a pretty good game for his MLB debut, playing solid defense and racking up his first major league hit. He was robbed of a bases-loaded RBI single his first at-bat by Orlando Cabrera.
We lost our sixth straight, we decreased to only 13 games above .500, and with a Yankees loss, a win would have allowed us to gain ground. But the good news is, at least we didn't lost any.
We can still salvage this series. Jon Lester's past few starts have been mediocre. Perhaps tonight he'll find a way to get to 7 innings with a reasonable pitch count. I think he can.
Come on, boys. Let's start winning again.


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