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Wednesday, August 30, 2006


This season is looking worse and worse. I'm sorry to be so pessimistic. But this season has been trying. I remember how at the beginning I had a whole argument ready for how this team was better than 2004's, if anybody asked. How our offense was just as good, our pitching staff was led by 2 aces and a great closer like '04's, and our defense was even better. Yeah, about that.
How can you plan for this many injuries? I don't blame the players. I don't blame the manager. I don't blame the front office. But how can we expect an offense without Manny, Ortiz and Pena to slug the heck out of other teams? How can we expect a pitching staff missing Tim Wakefield, recently Jon Lester, and Jason Varitek behind the plate, to shut out every team? How can we expect a defense without Vaccuum Cleaner Gonzalez, and with Youk forced to play outfield, and with Mr. I Can Play Every Position Hinske somewhere new every day, to create the same spectacular defense we saw earlier this season?
We can't.
These 10:00 games are over, and I couldn't watch many of them anyways. And frankly, I didn't mind missing last night's one bit.


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