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Sunday, September 10, 2006


There is a really big chance that this season is over for the Boston Red Sox. Barring miracles or another 12-game winning streak, we won't be making a postseason run. But, guys, the postseason only lasts a few weeks. The regular season lasts six months. The regular season is why we watch games. The regular season is the real baseball. So we lost to Kansas City. Take it all in stride. Even if we don't make it to the postseason, this was a great season.
I was with my boy yesterday and we walked around Boston for like four hours. Suddenly I realized I could see the Citgo sign. So I freaked out and started walking in the direction of Fenway. We went to Yawkey Way and I just kind of stood there and stared at the lights at Fenway for a minute. The Coke bottles. The retired numbers. The radio booths. I could see all that. I asked a guy at a nearby bar what the score was, and he said 4-4 in the eighth.
My boy is from Connecticut, and he just moved here to go to Bentley College. He's a Sox fan, but nothing like Bostonian ones. He asked me why I love the Sox so much. He said some people like it because they can bet on them, but why would anyone else care so much?
I had to think for a minute. I told him I want to be a sportswriter. I told him the passion of the Sox draws me in. And I told him that they make me happy. They make me so happy. I told him I could think of nothing that would make me happier than a walkoff win. Nothing.
And this is why I sit down in front of the TV every day at 7. This is why I do my homework the second I get home from volleyball practice rather than procrastinate. I don't want to miss a minute of this dwindling season. The postseason is a long, lonely one. Football games are only once a week. I miss baseball so much during the winter.
Soak it in now. Forget about wins and losses. Just watch. There's not much left.


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