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Thursday, July 12, 2007

First Half

I could give excuses upon excuses for my lack of posting this summer, but I don't know that that really makes a difference anyways. The truth is that it's almost halfway through summer and I have yet to make a post. The reasons really aren't important, and I know that last summer I posted every day. However, I used to write my posts at my old job and nobody really cared what I did there. This summer I'm working 10 or 11-hour days at my dad's office and I have something to do at all times. I also can't look like a slacker. So posting daily is a lot harder now, but anyways that's besides the point. I'll try and post as often as I have an idea for something to write.
Suddenly the season has come to its halfway point. It seems like days ago I was just waiting for the season to start, just marveling at how good we looked in Spring Training, just making predictions on how well we'd play. At the beginning of the season hopes are always through the roof. Rarely does a team succeed at making those dreams true, yet this team has. I wonder how I would have reacted if somebody had told me during Spring Training that at the All-Star Break we would have a double-digit lead in our division, and six Sox representatives at the game (with a seventh, in Kevin Youkilis, deserving a spot on the team).
It can be very easy to begin to feel comfortable with our spot at the top, and indeed, we have the best record in the majors. Yet we had the same record last year at the ASB, and that year ended in a catastrophic debacle. We cannot relax; we must keep performing at the level we have been. The Yankees always will give us a hard time, regardless of their record. The minute we start to pity them, they will come back and usurp the division title. We do not have such a large lead because of our own play, but rather because of the rest of our division's sub-.500 play. It's risky to depend on another team to keep your lead alive.
Here's to a second half that rivals the first in its thrill and dominance!