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Sunday, April 22, 2007

Back for the Bronx Boys

So once again I'm forced to plead forgiveness for my lack of posting. Last week I was on spring break in Cancun, without a computer in sight, and only a little blurb in the Miami Herald to update me on the Sox. From what I read, though, my boys are doing really well! They are 8-2 over their last ten games, with only the LA Angels having a better record by one win. We are on the verge of sweeping the Yankees, in a game that my father and sister are attending but I am not, thanks to my bad luck drawing cards from a deck. I told them to bring brooms.
In Cancun I met some Yankee fans. Several Yankee bashes into our conversation, they told me I was a little pisser. I explained that once ARod cools down, which he inevitably will, the Yankees will have nothing. Their starters belong in Little League, Mariano Rivera's washed up, and Jeter has how many errors again? Six, was it? I'd be pretty embarrassed.
And finally, Coco Crisp is finally heating up, hitting a critical triple two days ago in an amazing blown save by Mariano Rivera, and going 2-4 yesterday with a stolen base. I was absolutely thrilled when I found out. It had been so long that I had forgotten what it looked like for him to make solid contact.

EDITED TO ADD: Jacoby Ellsbury went 4-for-5 with two triples, a double and three RBI Friday for Double-A Portland.
Ellsbury is 18-for-36 with seven doubles and three steals in three attempts. He also had plenty of success after moving up to Double-A last year, so he should be in Triple-A right now. However, the Red Sox already have David Murphy there and they're not eager to move either player to a corner. (stolen from


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