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Sunday, April 01, 2007

Opening Day

It seems somewhat surreal to me that real baseball starts tomorrow. I braced myself for the long offseason as though baseball would never come back, and when Spring Training started I was so busy, and there were so few games shown on TV, that the real season still seemed lightyears away. Yet here it is.
I don't have any real point to this post. I feel pretty guilty when I don't post in a while, though, and I figured I should write something on the eve of Opening Day.
I just wanted to point out that Coco Crisp has caught on fire, riding a five-game hitting streak including two multi-hit games. His average is up to a respectable .271. Yet people are still questioning his authenticity. Mike Lowell's batting .156, Papi's batting .226, and nobody's worried about them. 'Tek and Pedroia have both been looking more comfortable as of late, too. As long as our lower batting order clicks, we're golden. The top 5 in the lineup look great and our pitching, well, barring injury, I'd say we could have multiple Cy Young candidates.
Opening Day versus the Kansas City Royals isn't quite on the level of our first game against the Yankees, but I'm still excited like you wouldn't believe. Baseball is back!


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