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Sunday, March 11, 2007

Hot Coco

You may or may not be aware that I love Coco Crisp. Despite his having a disappointing season last year, I'm still finding myself optimistic about this season. I feel like this year is somewhat his first year here, because last year really wasn't a fair chance. He explains that, "It's hard enough to play this game being 100 percent with 10 fingers, let alone minus one. So hopefully, I'll be able to stay healthy for once, a whole season. That would be a good feat for me this year." Spring Training numbers don't really faze me, either. His current average is only .190, but preseason stats mean nothing. I always start off my softball season a little slow, and I think that helps me empathize with struggling players. With a season in Boston under his belt and a different group of newcomers getting all the attention, "This year [I feel like] I've been there before and I know that role, so I just go in there and let [Lugo] do his thing, and maybe move him over so the big guys can get him in," Crisp said, referring to his new, lower place in the lineup. "It's the exact opposite of last year, where I was trying to get to second base. But I'm going to try and be the same way and try to get to second base, too."
I think that he's getting more used to the the pressure that comes with a Red Sox uniform. Asked if he feels the need to prove his ability to the fans, he responded, "Nah, I'll just go out there and play my game," Crisp said. "I was injured last year. This year, [I want to] stay healthy and hopefully put up better numbers." And that's good. He's more relaxed. Feeling the need to prove yourself every at-bat is a recipe for failure. Rehabbing for the majority of last year was "frustrating, and it was frustrating the year before that trying to bounce back from an injury."
This year, promise me you'll give him a clean slate. He had a rough year, and it wasn't his fault. The least he deserves is a second chance, and I know that he can prove himself.

Also, I just wanted to point out, Jacoby Ellsbury and I would have the fastest kids ever. 'Cause he's a rocket, and I led my team in stolen bases last year. Our kids would be amazing.


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