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Thursday, March 01, 2007

Introducing My New Crush

Jacoby Ellsbury! I've heard his name tossed around for a while now, but I have to admit, I decided to do my research on him because I saw him in last night's game and I thought he was cute.
Nonetheless, what I found out really impressed me. My girl instincts have really worked out for me. Last time it was Grady (who, by the way, is amazing) that I researched because of his cuteness. I'm thinking maybe there's some kind of connection. (Just kidding, of course, I know looks have nothing to do with it and plenty of my baseball loves are not quite so genetically gifted).

So anyways, Ellsbury was born in Oregon in 1983, which makes him 23 (hey, only 8 years older than me... it could work.) In high school he lettered and excelled in five sports (How is that even possible? There's only three seasons. He's amazing.) He went to Oregon State University and was drafted 23rd overall by Boston in 2005. He has frequently been compared to Johnny Damon, baseball-wise (As a player that's great. As a traitor, not so much.) He's an extremely fast runner with great baserunning ability, and is projected to be a leadoff hitter because he's very good at getting himself on base. Though he has the arm and ability to play any outfield position, the Sox are planning to use him in center, as early as 2008. And according to, he lives to play baseball.
He's still learning. I don't expect to see him this season. But when he does break into the big leagues, expect him to make an impact. And expect me to be very, very happy.
Isn't baseball great?


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