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Sunday, February 18, 2007

Shady JD

I'm having a hard time forcing myself to like JD Drew. I find it necessary to like all the players on my team, because if I don't, it makes for one long, painful season. All the struggling players, I always believe they're about to break out of their slump. All the hot (hitting-streak-hot, people) players, I love because their success is so fun to watch. The players with a genuine love for the game, I find the easiest to become enamored of. The Julio Lugos and David Ortizes, the guys with spunk and personality. The Jason Variteks and Trot Nixons, the quiet, gritty guys. The Tim Wakefields and Curt Schillings, the veterans, and the Jonathan Papelbons and Dustin Pedroias, the enthusiastic young guys. JD Drew falls into none of these categories. I have little faith that the passion of Red Sox Nation will be mirrored by Drew. I get the feeling that he will be bothered by it rather than soak it up, causing a mutually distasteful relationship. Then his shoulder will disintegrate, he'll go on the DL for a month or two, Wily Mo Pena will have a breakout season, and the 70 million we spent on Drew will go down the tubes. There's really nothing to like about him. He's a liability, because he's almost guaranteed to get hurt. I'm sure that for the three or four games per season that he's healthy, he'll hit well and defend well and all that. But as you can see from my last post, personality is what makes me endeared to a player -- or despise him. JD Drew will choke in a town like Boston. I'll start off the season fresh and give him a chance, but in the pit of my stomach I'll know that his blase attitude will never get him invited into the hearts of these fans.


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