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Monday, December 18, 2006

I <3 Pats

So, in a much better mood than last week...
Yeah Pats!
I just finished watching my recording of the game, and basically, we had everything.
Despite injuries. New guys, hoping to make their mark, brought their A game. Veteran guys, even those switched to different positions, did what they do best.
And it showed. Forty beautiful, well earned points. Everything was working for us. Offense was excellent. Defense was great. Interceptions were awesome. Punt return was terif. (-fic. I like to shorten words.)
It all came together for this game. Two more wins and we'll have been 4-1 in our last five. The best we could be is 12-4, the worst 10-6.
We're headed for a fun postseason.
And, the deeper we go in the postseason, the shorter the wait for Spring Training with my Sox!


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