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Sunday, December 03, 2006

A Sloppy Win



And now that my girly moment is done...

We can't keep on living like this. Giving away games. Kicking ourselves with penalties. Underestimating teams. Handing the other teams fumbles and interceptions. Hurting core players.
Sure, it worked these past two weeks. We won because our quarterback is a veteran and our guys finally woke up in the fourth quarter.
We should have won today by a huge lead. We should have won last week without playing volleyball.
We're winning, but at what cost? Junior Seau (Matsui memories, anyone? It was excruciating just to watch). Rodney Harrison. Ryan O'Callaghan. Now possibly Mike Vrabel and my homie, Lawrence Maroney. And even the guys on the active roster are so banged up. What is with my teams being plagued with injuries?
I'm not suggesting a direct connection between our poor play and our injuries, but merely noting that because of our injuries we need to work even harder.
And I'm so tough on my team because I know they're champions.
The Colts are 10-2. (Yayyy! They lost!)
The Bears are 10-2.
And we're 9-3. We're not so far behind.
We are in the heat of the race. We are going to the Super Bowl.
We just need to keep our focus.
And stop getting hurt.

I leave you with a question I was debating with some Pats friends.
Asante Samuel's contract is over after this year.
He's awesome. But he's gonna demand a whole lotta cash.
With the payroll cap, should we sign him again?
I think yes. But then again, I would have said a thousand times yes to re-signing Vinatieri. And I don't miss him a bit.


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