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Thursday, November 02, 2006

Just Some Opinions

So... what's with all this fuss over Julio Lugo and Alfonso Soriano? I'm confused. WE DON'T NEED EITHER! Hello? Pedroia and Gonzalez or Loretta! Why do we need another middle infielder? We have three of them, three talented ones. And at this point, even though I had once argued that we should keep Gonzo rather than Loretta, my mind's starting to change. Much as I love Gonzo's defense, we can't have both Gonzo and Pedroia in the same lineup. Gonzo I expect to hit somewhere around .250 again, and who knows what will happen with Pedroia? It's much safer to keep Loretta, a solid, prototypical number-two hitter. That said, I don't have any really strong opinions. Except that we don't need any other middle infielders. Instead of getting some overpriced superstar, save the money for pitching. With good pitching and the good defense we're bound to have no matter which infielder we keep, we won't need to score as many runs anyways. Save the power hitting for Manny and Papi, and everyone else just needs to get on base.
My writing is pretty bad right now.
I'm getting rusty.


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