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Monday, October 02, 2006

The End is Only a Beginning

So ends a season ridden with injuries and demolished hope, a season highlighted by David Ortiz' record-breaking 54 homers, a season to be remembered by a catastrophic downfall, yet it ends with a win. And that single win is a beacon of hope. Next season. There's always next season. Hinske, Lowell and Loretta homer. Hansack pitches his heart out. Nine runs score in five innings. This wasn't such a bad team. Just an unlucky one. The long offseason begins now. The World Series isn't of that much interest to me. I'm probably too busy to watch it anyways. It's time for football, which can help assuage the sting of no baseball. And boy, did the Pats look good yesterday. Lawrence Maroney is freaking amazing. He is so so so good! Rookie of the Year, anyone? Two touchdowns and like a million yards. And Caldwell taking that hit was so scary. I was freaking out. I thought he snapped his neck. My mom, a doctor, was enlightening us on what could have happened as we awaited news on his condition. Which didn't help calm me down much. But then he went out and played again! Which was pretty cool. I'd rather he hadn't, but it showed how much guts he had.
So the Patriots look great, and the Sox have a whole offseason to rebuild this team into champions. I'm optimistic for the futures of both teams.


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