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Sunday, September 17, 2006

Hurled into Obscurity

This morning I found the Boston Globe sports section sitting in between my brother's and my seat at the kitchen table, as it is every morning. As I poured syrup over my waffles, I scoured the front page for news on the Sox. There was none. Not a single baseball article was worthy of the front page. So I flipped to the second page. Again, nothing related to baseball. I checked the front page again just to make sure, and I saw at the very bottom, in tiny print, "Red Sox, C12." Page 12? Is that how insignificant the Red Sox have become? That, to me, was more of a heads-up that this season is over than any of Dan Shaughnessy's incredibly annoying "this team sucks and I'm doing my best to make Julie hate me" articles. Have we really fallen to page-12 obscurity? Eleven freaking pages of other sports are really of more interest to the public? I'm disappointed in the public then. We won a game against the Yankees. We lost one, too, but beating the Evil Empire felt so good. Apparently nobody else thought so.
Pats today at 4:30 with Nick. Two Sox games. It's going to be a fun day of sports... if I finish my To Kill a Mockingbird essay in time.


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