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Friday, September 15, 2006


The rain washed away the game tonight. I was pretty disappointed. Tonight's game was the game I had the greatest chance of watching in its entirety all week. Tomorrow I might be with Nick all day and Sunday I have homework and Patriots.
But I'll get through it. With a daily starting rotation consisting of school, volleyball, dinner, homework, and bed, my Sox are having a tough time getting any playing time in my life. And it's strange. I'm finding how easy it is to completely cut the Sox out of my life. Which is not something I want to or plan on doing. It's just a realization. Baseball's a summer love. A quote from my favorite movie, The Notebook, goes something like this: "Summer romances all have this in common: they are shooting stars. A burst, a fleeting glimpse of eternity, and then they are gone." Baseball is similar. In the long, lazy days of summer one has plenty of time to absorb all the baseball there is. And suddenly the season that seemed so long back in April is gone. The Patriots are more suited for fall and winter. Their once-a-week games ensure that I am there for every minute.
But I miss baseball. I miss my family rushing to finish our barbequed dinner to get on the couch at 7. I miss my mom and I throwing Peanut M&M's at each other, and going out to ice cream while listening to games on the radio. It's only been three weeks, and it seems like a lifetime ago. Once school starts it's never the same. The magic of the season is over when you watch a maximum of two innings a night, and get all your information from the Boston Globe the next morning.
It seems as if the offseason has already begun.


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