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Sunday, September 17, 2006

Joe Morgan and the ESPN Guys Need to Hang Themselves ASAP

I had to turn off the TV after the sixth because my thoughts were getting increasingly violent towards the ESPN announcers. If anyone reads an article about them getting murdered in their sleep tonight, yeah, that was me. Honestly. They don't even care about what's going on in the game. Coco Crisp got a single, and they didn't acknowledge it a single freaking time. Not once did they mention it. They totally weren't paying attention. And it's so obvious that they are Yankees fans. They don't even try and hide it. They blabbered on and on about how the Yankees have had so many injuries this year and last, but did they ever mention the rediculous amount of injuries the Sox have been plagued with this season? Again, not a single freaking time. They do so much more commentary when the Yankees are batting, but even so, they talk way too much about absolutely nothing and they say the most retarted things that make me want to repeatedly punch them. In the second Mike Lowell doubled and then Trot homered and Joe Morgan goes "Three run homer! Mike Lowell!" and it takes him like a year to realize that it wasn't a three run homer. Because, of course, he wasn't paying attention. And the little "trivia" he gives are all so obvious. Like Ortiz' being hospitalized for heart problems. He said that as though it was brand new information that none of the viewers had heard before. At least three fourths of the people watching knew that, Joe. You. Are. Retarted.
I couldn't watch anymore. I tried to mute it but my family got mad. So I gave up. A Sox win and a Pats win is enough to make me happy. I can read about this game tomorrow.


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