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Monday, November 13, 2006


The title of the article reads "Red Sox apparently win Matsuzaka bid." Go read it on Then come back here and celebrate with me! I know it's not finalized and everything, but I'm SO EXCITED! He's supposed to be amazing. I remember reading about him a month or two ago, reading that he was basically the only good pitcher on the market, and thinking we'd never get him. We'd refuse to cough up the cash, somebody (ahem.. Yankees) would outbid us... something would happen. I didn't even let myself dream it.
We'll know for sure at 8 PM tomorrow.
But if we do get you, be prepared for the best fan base in baseball. Be prepared for some great teammates. Be prepared for the adoration of millions.
And whatever happens, please don't turn out like Matt Clement and Edgar Renteria did. For the money we're paying for you, you'd better DOMINATE.


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