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Sunday, December 31, 2006

Playoffs, Here We Come

Of course, we knew last week that we were headed for the playoffs, but the win this week just made it sweeter. 12-4. That's a good record. Not outstanding, I suppose, but pretty darn good. A 75% win rate with so many injuries is impressive. (Speaking of injuries, Rodney Harrison had BETTER not be seriously hurt! We just got him back, and it was such a morale booster.)
A great game, all in all. And the win didn't feel ruthless at all, ruining another team's playoff hopes while we were already headed for the postseason, because of all the fighting and animosity during the game. All those fifteen-yard penalties just made me want the win more.
It was an interesting game, too, despite the fact that the final outcome didn't matter for us. Asante Samuel came up with two more spectacular interceptions, to add to his eight; his ten now lead the league (as I write this post). Vinny Testaverde came in and threw a touchdown pass, making it 20 consecutive seasons for him with at least one TD pass. Twenty! Another record--that's a staggering number. Matt Cassel got to come in too, and he did really well after his first unsucessful drive (although, I admit, I might be slightly biased because he's cute). Lawrence Maroney and Corey Dillon both had some great TD runs, most impressively the latter with two touchdowns, one of them being a 52-yard run.
A great end to the season, and a great mindset in which to begin the postseason--as if we needed help.


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