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Sunday, March 18, 2007

Roger, Part III

Forgive me for my amplitude of Roger posts, but he just keeps feeding me lines to enforce my negativity towards him. He's basically pleading with me to bash him. In an attempt to rationalize his narcisism, Clemens explained that "From what I understand, all three teams want to see where they are as far as their rotation ... and how their pitching lines up." Because, you know, it's easier to do that when you're not sure whether or not Roger will be part of your rotation. That simplifies the process a ton, right, Roger? But, as he reiterates, "Not a one of them wanted an April or May [deal] anyways." How ludacris. That would actually allow them to get a grasp on their ENTIRE pitching rotation rather than four starters and a question mark. Newsflash, Rog. Despite what goes on in that vain little head of yours, not everyone's just going to wait around for you. There ARE other pitchers out there, pitchers who start the season on time, pitchers who have to battle for a spot in the rotation, pitchers who work their butts off during the winter to be in great shape when the season starts. But maybe I'm forgetting how hard Roger's life really is. How hard he works. How much he has to endure. Suddenly on a woe-is-me tangent, he explains that "the thing that's been misconstrued quite a bit is that I have a deal in Houston where I pitch and then don't show up." Where would anyone get that crazy idea? Huh? Maybe from, um, evidence that it's true? Honestly, you play a game for a living and you make millions for a fraction of a season. You only play every five days, and you aren't even with the team when you're not pitching. I couldn't think of a more ideal lifestyle. And you're just SO beloved that you "ended up with some 50 odd-some people outside my gate begging me to play." Isn't that lovely. He really does think that the whole world is ready to bow down to him.
Roger Clemens makes me sick. He gets pleasure out of it. I could practically prove that everything he says is designed to disgust me personally.


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