Scarlet Fever

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Thursday, December 13, 2007

Boston is Spoiled

Boston is the absolute luckiest town in all of sports. We've become the hub of the hated, the feared, the dreaded. Most towns are known for one sport. Indianapolis has football. Ottawa has hockey. San Antonio has basketball.
And then there's Boston. It seems like Boston has always had one good team at a time. The Red Sox have had their years. The Celtics have had their years. The Bruins have had their years... and then came 2007. The Red Sox won the World Series, and we thought it was baseball's year. But then the Patriots started winning... and winning. And not losing. And the Celtics got two new superstars and started winning. And the Bruins started winning.
And that leaves us here. With one championship already under our city's belt, the Pats are undefeated. The Celtics are first in their division and 18-2. The Bruins, formerly the laughingstock of Boston, have quietly gone to 17-10 and crept to second in their division, fourth overall in the Eastern Conference.
With so many options, what's a city to do? People dream of monopolies like this. We are truly the sports capital of the world. Nearly every night there's a game to watch with a dominating Boston team playing. We are so, so spoiled. Remember when we were always told to wait until next year?
Well, I think next year has finally arrived. For every sport. For every fan. This is the year where one city will achieve incredible things. Boston fans, we have been truly blessed.
Just remember to be careful. Be thankful for the gifts our sports teams have given us. Be thankful, cheer them on, but be careful. Conceit and arrogance come easily. We are lucky, but domination is temporary. Humility is instilled in the Patriots by Bill Belichick, and we should follow his example. We will be able to impress the world with our talent, rendering our words useless. We don't need to tell people how awesome Boston is--they're already being shown.
(Except New York. Shove it in their faces all you want.)