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Thursday, May 10, 2007

Billion-Dollar Band Aid

First, let me just remind those of you who have forgotten my opinion of Roger Clemens of how I feel. He's an arrogant, vain, self-absorbed has-been who thinks the entire baseball world waits around crossing their fingers that he'll choose their team to "save." If it's not about the money, Roger, then play for free. If you wanted to go with a team who knew how to win, it obvously would not have been the Yankees (okay, that's a hair biased... just like us, they've won seven of their last ten.) He proudly told the fans at Yankee stadium that "They came and got me out of Texas and I can tell you it's a pleasure to be back." He just loves to feel like the entire baseball world is eating out of his hand. As though he wasn't planning to pitch this season. He needs every eye on him; strives to be the center of attention at all times. He was just tickled pink that the Yankees were trying so hard to get him.
Roger went to the Yankees for the following reasons:
Andy Pettitte.
Derek Jeter.
Having baseball's best lineup (you have to admit) behind him so he won't be as embarassed when he SUCKS.
Hatred for Boston.
Oh, and, um, money.
I would be embarassed if my team had spent $28 million for half a season from a pitcher who practically needs dentures. He's forty-five. Arguably the best pitcher ever, but he's past his prime. By, oh, maybe a century or two. It's like my dad pretending to still be in top form and pretending to be able to pitch. He's not immortal. And, um, Randy Johnson worked out really great, huh? I can see why the Yanks are so eager to try that again. The most expensive guy won't necessarily get the job done, as you can clearly see from Jonathan Papelbon, who's not even earning $1 million this season. Rivera's earning a ton and his ERA is over 8. So if Roger does actually pitch well, his friend Mariano will just blow it for him.
I'm not bitter that we didn't get Clemens; quite the contrary, as a matter of fact. Our starting rotation is the best in baseball. Josh Beckett's gonna be Cy Young (I called it way back in Spring Training! I'm pretty sure I wrote it in a post but if I didn't I just wanted everyone to know that I predicted an amazing season from him.) Schill is still Schill. Wake has the best ERA on our team, Dice-K leads us in strikeouts, and even Julian Tavarez has been holding his own for the most part. When Jon Lester resumes his spot, we'll have a formidable rotation one through five. I'm thrilled that we didn't throw away money for a pitcher we don't need, who has an ego even bigger than his ERA will be. I love our team the way it is.
In English class we have to write an essay on whatever topic we like using 100 vocab words. Mine's on the Red Sox. The fact that I'm actually enjoying an assignment in that class (I like writing, but I HATE that class because of the teacher) proves that I really am destined to write about sports. I'll post the paper when it's written.


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